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I have been part of several supernatural miracles, but the most
spectacular was in July 1984 when I was 20 years old. I was driving
my 65 Corvair north to UCSB between Ventura and Santa Barbara,
California on highway 101 for a summer school class in advanced
mathematics when the accident and miracle occurred. I was running
late and was driving faster than I should have been when I clipped the
side of a big 18-wheeler truck. My Corvair, having the engine in the
back, starting to spin around in front of the 18-wheeler I just
clipped. It spun around two or three times. Normally what would
happen in such a situation is I would be dead when the 18-wheeler
smashed into my spinning Corvair. What actually happened was weird.
When the Corvair stopped spinning I looked out my car window and saw
the 18-wheeler stopped as well as all the other cars on the freeway.
It was so weird that I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the car door,
looked around, went back to my car to close the car door, and then
walked to the center of the freeway right next to the divider.
Everything was frozen and distances looked greater than I knew them to
. The freeway looked like it was a lot wider than I knew it to be.
Everything was still and weird – I couldn’t understand what was
happening. As I was standing near the divider, time started up again
and the 18-wheeler demolished my Corvair. Several people stopped
their cars and got out to offer help. One guy ran over to me and
asked what happened. I said I got out before the truck hit. He said,
“That’s impossible.” I felt like agreeing with him. The Corvair was
so badly damaged it was taken to the junkyard.
I strongly suspected Jesus performed this miracle because a month
before I was at the beach when suddenly I was overwhelmed with the
idea that Jesus is God and a member of the Holy Trinity and did and
still does supernatural things. I had mostly been atheist before this
and was obsessed with math and science. Not only that, I had the
feeling I was there nearly 2000 years ago.

It was 9 years later in 1993 that I started to remember I was John the
Baptist nearly 2000 years ago. I later got a revelation that Jesus
will be born again as a baby girl that will be named “Uni” in
California in the month of November 1999.

Details are on this blog as well as essays and two science fiction
stories that were inspired by this event:

God wanted me to run for the US Presidency as a libertarian in 2000 and now again 2016.


Kevin Brent Pryor

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