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The Creator and You

December 11, 2012

Imagine that the finite universe isn’t like a wind-up toy that was
wound up at the big bang and must eventually wind down but a
consciousness somewhat like each of us but at a much grander scale.
What I have in mind is a universe that constantly oversees its
particle inhabitants in much the same way as people oversee the
thoughts they have. After many billions of years, particles obey
their master. If some particles achieve an outstanding amount of
knowledge and wisdom the universe will probably give these particles
more attention just as outstanding thoughts command more attention for
most people.

The analogy is universes are like gods and particles are like souls.
If the universe corrects electrons that go over the universe’s mass
limit for an electron, how much attention would the universe give to
humans? I imagine it would be a lot. But the universe would
experience us as thoughts, not as equals. We take our own thoughts we
get as tools toward a larger personal goal. We usually don’t think of
thoughts as beings in their own right with problems of their own —
but maybe they are! The universe being much bigger, grander, and
wiser would know this but it would be self destructive to indulge
destructive thought beings (particles or people) too much. If the
universe can get thoughts from particles and also people it is
possible that people can get ideas from the universe. Actually
thinking a request (praying) for help from a higher power (the
universe) might actually help establish some sort of connection but I
think it would also help to have interesting new constructive thoughts
that might interest a universe. If you seem to be at a loss for
thoughts, simply praising the universe for its majesty always seems to
be appreciated.

Obviously a universe would want its more prominent citizens to be more
moral but it also needs them as a source of new ideas. If some people
think they are gods that might actually please the universe since
demigods and gods think somewhat alike and might have some thoughts to
share. Blind arrogance might be as effective as blind submission in
communicating with the universe — they’re both equally shallow.

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