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Tactics of Platonists (satanists)

December 5, 2012

In order to deny free will it is necessary to suggest that
consciousness is an utterly useless phenomenon or even better yet
suggest that it is probably an illusion. An argument against the
existence of free will becomes not just an argument that beings don’t
choose, but that beings don’t exist! It is necessary to deny the very
existence of consciousness because the existence of consciousness is
very strong evidence for free will. If consciousness were capable of
observation only and not action, wouldn’t the forces of evolution weed
out such a useless feature? Consciousness makes determinists nervous
because it is something physics equations can’t currently explain and
thus is a threat to their worldview even if they insist that
consciousness have no consequences (free will). It is much more
defensible for them to claim that consciousness doesn’t exist than to
claim that something they have no theory about (consciousness) has no
consequences. In defense of the Platonic Religion denying one’s
consciousness (and everybody else’s) is a small sacrifice.

There may come a time in the not so distant future (20 or 30 years)
when computer hardware and software advances to the point when
computers and robots can simulate a person amazingly well, fooling
most people. The thing is — the computer won’t be conscious. It
won’t feel pain, pleasure or any other qualia. Oh sure, it can act
like it is in pain etc., but it is no different than any other
computer. To claim that this big computer is conscious, to be
consistent you must claim your small computer is also conscious.

To avoid these problems, the determinist must try to pretend that
either consciousness doesn’t exist or that it has zero effect on
reality. Easy enough, just dogmatically exclaim that consciousness is
not real or completely without consequences. This makes it easy for
scientists because nothing is all that needs to be understood about
something that doesn’t exist. By discouraging research into
consciousness, the Platonists reduce the likelihood their Platonic
Religion will be seriously challenged. Trouble is, the one thing that
is most important to people, their qualia (consciousness), is the one
thing that modern day followers of Plato that call themselves
scientists effectively deny the existence of. It is no wonder that
many people are alienated by these Platonic scientists and their
mathematical gods.

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