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Soul Crystal — Part 2 of 2

December 5, 2012

Soul Crystal
Kevin Brent Pryor
Part II

My son Albert changed the world more than I thought his presence or
his new equations would. He knew first hand the reality that large
amounts of information could be stored in the most infinitesimal
particle. He also knew the very soul of a person was an infinitesimal
particle, he was living proof of that. He struggled with this mystery
the first year of his new life constantly. Albert and I would stay up
late into the night frequently to discuss the issue. It was hard for
him too, since his infant body needed so much sleep.

It was on the issue of sleep that some progress came to our
discussions. He suggested that since identity was in such a small
location, sleep became a subject that is now a part of physics as well
as a part of biology. Sleep would henceforth be a major clue in the
scientific mystery of time.

Our discussions of what caused sleep eventually settled on information
flows to the identity particle. Albert had died in 1955 when
computers and information theory were just beginning so I explained
how important the computer revolution is and how tangible the concept
of information has become. Albert started studying information theory
in more detail and tried to find its relationship to mass, energy,
velocity, acceleration, and time.

He finally told me at the age of three he had a new theory that was
information based rather than energy based. Simply put, he said, more
information more time, less information less time. When a particle
approaches the speed of light, time slows down for the particle not
because God is giving it a speeding ticket but because the information
flowing to the mass particle is dramatically reduced.

Particles, he said, are information seeking, information producing
animals. They have senses, they feel, and they make decisions.
Information flow is much more important to a particle than energy. A
particle with high information flow can out-compete any low flow
particles even ones with much higher energy. They simply can make
more decisions per second.

I asked him what does this mean in practical gadget terms. He said it
would be possible to make a room that would attract information
carrying gravitons and virtual photons and in that room time would
speed up. He also said the converse would also be possible, a room
that repelled high information particles and thus slowed time down in
that room. All you would need to do is saturate the walls with
nanocomputers whose electrical field would collectively simulate a
very low or high information area that gravitons and virtual photons
would choose to avoid or enter in high volumes. You do not need to go
close to speed of light for time to slow down, you just recreate the
informational situation.

I immediately set to work. I have been itching to work on another
spectacular project. Albert was still refining his theory and had not
published it yet so I had a head start on making a time accelerator
room with an adjacent time brake room.

I had my computer calculate the field in extensive detail the rooms I
would have to create. Each wall would have over a billion layers of
nanocomputers that together in one room would fool gravitons and
virtual photons into strange behavior. Each layer in the time slow
room would deflect the target particles a little till after a billion
layers the particles would be going out instead of in. The time fast
room would deflect the particles into streams, which would attract
gravitons, and virtual particles.

The time slow room would be very light in weight while the time fast
room would be very heavy even though the two rooms would have about
the same mass. The calculations were enormous. My computer was
barely adequate — it only had a billion processors when I could have
used a trillion. It took very tricky programming to make my computer
give me answers in a reasonable amount of time.

My whole family helped me design and construct the two rooms. Both
rooms needed a metal frame to insure it didn’t implode or explode.
After the frames were up the nanocomputer layers were added. Luckily,
I had access to the type of nanocomputers I needed. I loaded a large
program into a nanocomputer along with buckets full of special
material the nanocomputers would need to duplicate. Since these tiny
replicating computers did most of the hard work, the rooms were coated
very precisely with their billion layers in one day.

I hooked a switch inside and outside both rooms to activate the room.
For my first test I placed a running stopwatch in the time slow room,
activated the room and stood back. After a minute I turned off the
room, opened the door and found the stopwatch had only progressed a
half a second! The time fast room progressed 10 minutes in one

Albert helped me to eventually achieve 1000 to 1 for both the slow
room and the fast room. I put mice in both rooms and nothing bad
seemed to happen to them. I tried both rooms and noticed no ill
effects except it was important to activate and deactivate the rooms
slowly or you get a not so pleasant whiplash sensation.

My son Walter and grandfather-in-law had the hardest time
understanding why it actually worked and demanded an explanation in
plain English because he was the oldest although at the time he was
celebrating the first birthday of his new life. I explained that in
the past the soul of a person was regarded either as a myth or totally
unconnected with physical reality. Then I said, “You are proof not
only that a sub-microscopic crystal can contain a human soul but also
that individual atoms can contain vast amounts of information. When
you are asleep time passes very quickly and there are other times when
time slows down. Since souls and atoms as you very well know turned
out to be very similar it seems likely that atoms could do the same
thing without going close to the speed of light.”

I further said, “The equations of quantum mechanics seems to indicate
that particles see what is coming up ahead of them and at some point
decide ahead of time what path they will take. Since particles were
thought of as absolutely simple objects and certainly not objects that
can see nor decide anything, the most straightforward explanation was
not offered as a way of understanding the equations, although much
more spectacular explanations were given like universes constantly
splitting and particles going backwards in time. A common explanation
was the paranoid notion that God changes the rules when we are not
looking. Using the straightforward explanation, a particle that
receives more information can operate faster because it can see more
and thus decide faster and as it turns out, generate more energy. One
that receives less information will operate slower all their functions
including information processing and decision making.”

Albert told me the same equations we used to make the time boxes can
be used for energy production and exceeding the speed of light. I
joked to Albert that since you were the one who made the speed limit
it is appropriate that you are the one to figure out how to break it.
The task at hand, though, was to figure out what use to put the time
boxes to.

My mother, Janet, predicted that the world would change even faster
than it is now because businesses could squeeze three years work into
one day. A man could live a full lifetime in a month and at the end
of the month which would have been 80 years to him, have his identity
crystal removed and placed in a robot body and live on indefinitely.
My wife, Michelle, was thinking about space travel in the near future.
Paul and my son-father Bobby were worried things in this world were
changing awfully fast and we need that time fast box just to keep up
and that time slow box to keep food and fresh water in to prepare for
the next war or disaster.

I used the time fast room to do experiments and eventually to catch up
on all my work. After I carried a flashlight and other battery
operated things into the time rooms several times, I decided I needed
electrical outlets. I couldn’t simply bring in an extension cord; it
wouldn’t work. Albert said a generator could be powered by the time
differences in the two adjacent time rooms. It would be in effect
free energy. I asked how could free energy be possible. He said that
is what fundamental particles do; they generate their own energy using
nothing more than information which they don’t use up. They also
create more information in the energy production process than they had
originally. Even though I was beginning to understand how particles
generated energy, I still had the cave man idea of practical energy
production: find a energy source, burn it, and it is gone. I never
before conceived of a generator that could run on informational

With the help of nanocomputers as usual I constructed a generator that
would never run down, it supplied the nanocomputers in the time rooms’
wall when they ran out of power with plenty of electricity to spare
even in the time fast room. It was about this time that Albert was
about ready to publish. He was five now and it has been two years
since the world found him. What would the world think about another
startling revelation from our unusual family?

I thought that in the future things will change so fast there will be
an element of danger. I must figure out a way to protect my family.
I went into the time fast room to really concentrate what I must do.
I worry most about my three robot children, Michael, Stuart, and Erik.
A lot of people still don’t believe that a robot can have a soul even
when I tell them explicitly how a soul can be physically taken from a
human and put into a robot. My robot children are learning as fast as
children normally do but they are sensitive to the fact that they are
different from normal children. Paul, our loyal friend, comforts and
is very close to Michael, Stuart, and Erik because he like them is a
robot. Albert, Bobby, and Walter seem to enjoy being children again
because they have so much energy even if they are small. After a lot
of thought I decided I should listen to my dear wife Michelle that
space is in our future.

With Albert’s new equations, life in space aboard a properly designed
large spacecraft could actually be safer than staying on Earth if
rapidly changing events take a turn for the worst. I am sure NASA and
others will build such spacecraft but I certainly can not be sure my
family and I will be able to use any of them for the purposes of
escape from a possible future hostile social situation on Earth. What
I need to do is build my own spaceship. To do that I need a lot of
money even using the latest nanocomputers. I need to patent the
design of my time fast and time slow rooms along with the energy

Since a whole year can be squeezed in a night in the time fast room, I
had plenty of time to learn about patents and how I should fill out
the patent applications for the time fast and slow rooms and the
electrical generator than ran off of time differences. I decided the
right time to file the applications in relation to the announcement of
Albert’s equations. Albert, Michelle and I would share the credit for
the patents.

Just after I hand delivered the patent applications, Albert and I held
a press conference explaining his equations and demonstrating our time
rooms with a generator that used time as its only fuel. It was a big
news day and Albert and I got extensive coverage. The public had a
hard time believing the events of two years ago when Albert’s identity
was revealed, but now this demonstration left less doubt to his
identity. The coverage showed people both excited and worried about
the discovery. The worry came from doubts about the ability of some
people to use these discoveries in a wise and peaceful manner.

The patents paid off. I took my computer in to be repaired and I
waited a minute and found he had the machine fixed. He said it took
him an hour, he had a time fast room in the back. Major power plants
were being constructed that used this new physics described by
Albert’s equations. Cars were being designed that run solely on time.
The Department of Defense was in the process of building time fast and
time slow buildings that would boast an incredible million fold time
factor increase or decrease. Every sort of business and
institution had a use for time fast and slow machines.

Homes were built that had time controls so people could get a lot a
work done in a short time or make time fly by to accumulate interest
in the bank and receive checks that are due the person. Time slow
rooms are used in hospitals to keep persons stable that are in bad
shape while a cure can be found or decided upon. Some persons like to
keep their biological body as long as humanly possible rather than
have their identity crystal moved to a robot. Everything was moving
so fast and I was making a lot of money.

I started work on my dream spaceship. I was not the only one but at
least this spaceship I knew I could be a passenger in. I hired many
brilliant people and brilliant robots who used to have a human body to
work on the design and construction of the spaceship. It would be
capable of faster than light speeds without time dilation providing
Albert’s equations were completely accurate. It would be powered by
time and so would never run out of fuel.

The spaceship would eventually carry a 1,000 people. The first
sections were built in space and were experimental and remote
controlled with no one aboard. Progress was fast because as much as
year’s work of planning and design could be compressed in one day. I
would have extremely long nights whenever I felt it might speed up
construction of my dream spaceship. After five years, I had actually
spent 30 years because I spent so much time in the time fast room.

There were many nanomachines that appeared on the black market to
reverse a lot of the effects of aging. The nanomachines had to be on
the black market because the FDA was hopelessly slow in approving new
nanomachines for medicine especially for people who spent a lot of
time in time fast rooms. I knew there would come a day when I would
have to move my identity crystal to a robot body. Half my family are
robots and robot bodies are much more suited to outer space. I
started to work on my ideal robot body I might want. I could move my
crystal into a real human fetus that has been genetically altered
before conception not to have an identity crystal of its own but I
felt I could do better than a human body. I could also work on more
nanomachines to better reverse aging and also ones that make the human
body better but a lot of good, experienced people were way ahead of me
on this difficult problem. I decided that if I move to a robot body
and don’t like it that much, I could always move back to a human body.
I felt I was still on top of the robot body field and my employees
were capably handling my spaceship project so I decided to work on my
dream robot body project. My robot children were pleased I was
working on robot bodies again.

Because the spaceship would spend a lot of time accelerating and
decelerating it was equipped with a large time slow room for people
who would get bored during the flight. The unmanned test flight of
the spaceship would take a lot less time because human comfort was not
a concern. The test flight was successful and returned beautiful
pictures of the triple star Alpha-Centauri system. The flight took
less than a year and encouraged NASA to commit to major unmanned
missions to neighboring stars. I was going to be the first one to
lead a manned mission to the stars.

The space ship was designed to be self-sufficient. Its time engines
produced plenty of energy that with the help of nanocomputers enabled
everything to be recycled. The length of our flight was to be
indefinite. I said many times to many people that I am immortalist
and since my discovery of the crystal neuron, I saw overcrowding on
Earth, the only threats to that goal. Things are changing so fast
that we may attempt to come back to Earth and find it uninhabitable,
we must be prepared to live on far distant planets, asteroids, or deep

I continued to work hard on my dream robot body I felt I would
eventually inhabit. The more time passed, the more I got used to the
idea and to my surprise the more my wife got to like the idea. I
guess with our twin robot children turning 12 years old with much more
capabilities than I had with my body and with constant potential for
improvement convinced us both in a deep way that people with robot
bodies had more fun and could do more. I decided to move into a robot
body before the spaceship got on its way. Bodies with their identity
crystal removed become comatose so I decided I would keep my old body
in a time slow room where it would need very little maintenance
because time would creep by. If I wanted to move back into that body
I could very easily.

My wife said she wanted a new body the same time I would get one and
gave me a list of the features and capabilities it should have. I was
happy that she didn’t cling to old ideas like some people but I guess
I shouldn’t have been surprised because we both lived with robot
people longer than anyone. More and more people are switching to
robot bodies especially if there are problems with their biological
body. There are even some people who have switched bodies. A
person’s age no longer determine how old people are and people with
robot bodies are becoming common. Some people are afraid of such
practices and wish to eliminate them. I wish to leave in my spaceship
because it is possible some despicable person will come to power who
says people have a duty to die when the government says he should die.
This in addition to all the other manmade and mundane disasters I
would have to worry about.

I think though that I always wanted adventure and try to rationalize
it as security for my family and myself. There are a lot of unknowns
in space and I really am not sure it is safer. I finally finished the
robot bodies for my wife and I. The time came when nanocomputers took
my identity crystal and put it in my present robot body. When
everything worked, my wife said she was ready so her identity crystal
too was placed in a new custom designed robot body. We both could
think faster and do more things. We liked our new bodies. The robot
bodies had plenty of nanocomputers for self-repair and was powered by
a small generator that ran solely on time like everything else these
days. The bodies were good for space work or Earth work.

Thousands of people sent letters and applications explaining why they
should accompany us on our journey to distant stars. My whole family
spent considerable amounts of time wading through them. The ship
needed to be large to create a field around it that indicated to small
particles that it was going considerably slower than the speed of
light when it was actually going much faster than light. Since I had
extra room in the spaceship, I made it so 1,000 people could be on
board in comfort. I did not need that many nor did I particularly
want that many, but I would not have attracted as many talented people
to work on the ship if they did not think they had a good chance of
being a passenger.

I knew I needed to make a document stating how rules and decisions
would be made on the ship and all passengers would need training. We
gathered together in Florida and after much discussion, we decided on
a deep space constitution and final provisions for the spacecraft.
Practically anything we did not bring with us on the spaceship could
be manufactured with nanocomputers. Experts comprised most of the
passengers so training problems could have been worse.

After almost endless preparations, the ship was ready. The ship had a
lot of entertainment rooms. It had a very complete computerized
library, it had time slow and time fast rooms. A time slow room was
used to maintain the bodies of those of us who chose to move to a
robot body that was humorously called the coat closet.

Albert decided to go and brought his second Nobel Prize aboard. Since
I am still a bit of hermit and did not have many close friends outside
of my family, everybody I was close to came with me, so I would not
mind if this journey was a very long one. Now, finally, we are off
into unknown space.

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