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Plato (satan) is Wrong

December 5, 2012

Let me explain my position a little more clearly. The standard
materialist view is that everything is dead particles (not conscious)
imbued with dead platonic laws (can’t be changed) in a dead finite
universe (not conscious) headed for ultimate death (big crunch). The
standard materialist position is also that if you arrange enough dead
particles in a clever way you will somehow get a live consciousness
that is also theorized to be causatively dead (no free will). The
whole standard materialist philosophy stinks of death.

If the dead can not explain the living maybe the living can explain
the dead. Suppose that dead non-conscious particles are an
impossibility and therefore to be a consciousness is to be a particle
and vice versa. A rock wouldn’t be conscious since it is not one
particle or controlled by one particle in the rock. Live
consciousnesses (particles) can explain dead rocks but dead rocks
(standard materialistic view of particles) can’t explain live
consciousnesses with free will (people). I also consider finite
universes (like our own) to be conscious and a model for the insides
of particles. A particle soul deep in a person’s brain becomes a
necessity in such a metaphysics.

If free will is fundamental (how could it be derived?) metaphysics and
the interpretation of physics changes dramatically. Universes and
particles become not just objects but free willed beings that cause
everything that happens to happen. Most laws of physics of our
universe become not immutable platonic laws but laws created and
enforced by our living universe and also by the particles in it for
reasons known by our living universe and maybe some particles.

But how, you ask, does this shed any light on physics? The question
of physics changes from what is the magic platonic equation that was
true at beginning and will be true till the end of the universe to
what are the current laws of the living universe and living particles
and why. “Why?” becomes not just a mathematical question but a
psychological question. I’m sure that there are laws of physics that
are true for any universe or particle but they would be few and more
on the level of common sense — most laws would have an author. When
metaphysics has free will at the base, things tend to get better in
contrast to a metaphysics with no conscious free will where things go
from causatively dead to non-existent. “Why?” also has more
understandable answers when in most cases responsibility can only be
applied to real conscious beings.

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