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Plato (satan) is Wrong #2

December 5, 2012

>So, you feel there is something that is neither random nor deterministic.
>What is this third option?

I like to imagine it this way. Imagine a very small universe with two
particles in it. When the particles in this imaginary universe become
too close together the universe changes gravity from attractive to
repulsive and when the particles become too far apart the universe
changes gravity to attractive again. Both the changes from attractive
to repulsive gravity and vice-versa can’t be predicted exactly.

Now you could derive some laws for this universe by stating
probabilities for gravity switching dependent on how far or close
these particles are together — so you do and call it a law. This
works great until the probabilities stop working — no problem — get
new probabilities and call that a law. You discover other small
universes with individual probabilities and changes of probabilities.
You put them in a tank and observe the universes engage in
increasingly complicated seemingly self-motivated behavior until one
tiny universe contains all the other tiny universes with their
particles. All this was done by the winner universe changing its
gravity and therefore spin at just the right times. You chalk it up
to, “well somebody has to win,” — until you notice a new law being
observed in this tiny universe — the electric force.

Of course, no matter what the tiny universe did by changing its own
internal laws of physics for its own self-interest the standard
physicist of today would not give it the status of a self-interested
being with free will that at the very least is conscious of its own
internal state to some degree. Although calling it a being with free
will is a very useful idea especially when the universe not only makes
its own internal laws of physics but changes then when it suits it.

Think of our laws of physics — where are they written in the
universe. You can argue that the laws of physics could be no other
way but I find it hard it to believe that constant of gravity could
have been no other value for instance. When I was little and learning
computer programming I was struck by the realization that programs and
data are ultimately the same thing in terms of memory as somehow a
profound concept. I think it is entirely possible that the finite
universe itself created most of the laws of physics for its own self
interest and can change them if it suits its purposes whatever they
may be.

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