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Jesus’ Real Birthday and Timing of the Second Coming

December 5, 2012

Since I think I am the reincarnated John the Baptist and seem to have
memories of when I was John, I will tell you all more about what I
remember. Jesus’ real birthday, interestingly enough, was the 4th of
July (celebrated here in the US as the birth of our country in 1776,
Independence Day). When I was John, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and I would
start the long trip north every year on July 1st to Nazareth to
celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We usually arrived at Jesus’ home on July
4th. We all would start a large bonfire in the backyard and sacrifice
and offer to God two turtledoves in thanks for sending Jesus to Earth.
Our mood and the way the fire would crackle do seem similar to the way
we celebrate the 4th of July in my country with fireworks. My
birthday was February 1st when I was John. Jesus’ large family would
make the long journey south each year to celebrate my birthday. My
birthday now, as Kevin, is January 31st although it would have been
February 1st if I had been born in Israel instead of Covina,
California due to time zone differences. It is my belief  that Jesus was 
born again in November 1999 in the form of a baby girl in California that will be
named “Uni”.

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