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Free Will Extremely Important

December 5, 2012

>The fact that no-one has ever given me an
>example of how the world would
>be different if we did /
>didn’t have free will is enough (so far) to convince me
>that it is a sterile debate. It really doesn’t matter. We’ll
>never know, and we’ll never need to know.

Imagine you are the god of your universe and are trying to decide on
what laws of physics the particles in your universe will have. You
first think up strictly determinist laws of physics but decide against
it since the result will be boring, predictable, and unproductive
particles, hardly befitting godchildren of yours. What you decide on
is a society of particles with free will that can make choices within
well defined limits that promote order and fairness. You will have
your particles constantly communicate with each other effortlessly as
correct information is a necessity for wise choices to be made. You
want your particle godchildren to have the ability to greatly expand
their decision making abilities under the right situations. You want
your godchildren to want and strive to be like you, indeed you hope
that some of your godchildren exceed you in greatness and make you

The amazing thing is that the discovered laws of quantum mechanics do
give particles choices. Given an identical particle in an identical
situation only probabilities can be calculated as to what will happen
next. Even a pure vacuum does not have a predictable future, virtual
pairs can appear and apparently vanish again. In my opinion,
discovered physical laws support more than rule out the possibility of
free will. I think it would be hard to design laws of physics more in
tune with the concept of free will. The amazing thing is that
admitting that we have free will intellectually opens up fascinating
possibilities including the possibility those things much smaller and
much larger than us also have free will. Understanding free will
might lead us to not only a much more complete answer as to what are
the rules of the universe are, but why too. It might also lead us to
the creator of our universe since if we have free will then it is
likely that beings much greater than ourselves also have free will and
our universe does seem unlikely to have been caused by pure chance.
For instance, if our universe is one of many with free will that has
some control over its internal laws of physics then its success as a
universe depends on its wisdom.

By contrast, if you don’t believe free will exists anywhere, nothing
must be responsible for everything and your god must therefore be
nothing, you are responsible for nothing and your fate is inexorable.
A very hard position to emotionally and intellectually accept. It is
the kind of destructive untruthful meme that masters try to shove into
the heads of their slaves.

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