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Advanced Free Will Theory #3

December 5, 2012

>First of all, think about our definition of ‘thought’. Reasoning.
>Making decisions based on input. Processing sense data. Since
>particles have no senses, they have nothing to ‘think about’. And
>since they have no way of expressing their thoughts, whether they
>are thinking or not cannot be determined. A question such as ‘do
>they think?’ cannot possibly have

Protons do have senses, they input an incredible number of virtual
photons and real photons each second sort of like your sense of sight.
They also output an incredible number of photons each second as well
as having a certain freedom of movement — lots of ways to express
themselves. Although I think their conscious perception of time is
much less — a billion years might seem like a year to them. I also
think that most particles are not thinking about things that are
happening outside of themselves but things inside themselves – their
internal world is much more interesting than their boring external
world — sort of like you are when you are dreaming. So when charged
particles exchange photons they may be not only giving each other
information on their location but perhaps more importantly for them —
exchanging good potential dreams. If you can dream then why not

What would e, the electric charge, be for an educated proton that is
interested in the universe outside of itself with m, c, and h 1000
times greater than normal? Using the equation alpha=e^2/(hc) and
assuming alpha does not change, e=[hc(alpha)]^(1/2). If h and c both
increase 1000 times, so does e. This super proton would have an
electric charge 1000 times normal and therefore would probably be
surrounded by 1000 electrons. Such a super atom would attract photons
near and far with all the energy transitions each electron can make
which would be sensed by the super proton — which would increase the
flow of information in and out of the supercharged proton soul
particle. Poor Archimedes is not thinking big enough, Z should be
more like 1000 or a million instead of a measly 94 (Plutonium).

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