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Advanced Free Will Theory #2

December 5, 2012

Suppose that the constants c and h are not universal, unchangeable
constants but determined primarily by the particle themselves.
Particles might be like the vast number of tiny flower seeds that blow
over the ocean. One out of a million of these flower seeds might land
on a remote island where it can take root and grow into a mature
plant. Particles receive and send out vast amounts of information
every second in the form of virtual and real photons and also
gravitons. Particles also make unpredictable decisions constantly.
Suppose particles are like seed consciousnesses waiting for the rare
occurrence when it will blow onto the equivalent of remote island
where it can blossom. Suppose that protons are like seeds thrown up
in great abundance by the universe so that some might grow into more
mature beings like the universe itself. Under what soil would a
proton change from a low level decision maker to a high level decision
making being? Suppose the forces of evolution have discovered the
ways to elevate a proton to the level of intelligent soul by swamping
the little proton with information and responsibility. It’s kind of
nice to think that a soul might just be a fundamental particle like a
supercharged proton because they might just be immortal in some way.

Assuming protons can be educated (I wonder if anybody has ever tried)
what would change? I think that time perception would greatly
increase. Combining E=hf and E=mc^2 yields f=mc^2/h. If f
corresponds to time perception then m might increase when the particle
is educated. The problem with this is if the particle ever sleeps it
must lose mass (because if f goes down in f=mc^2/h so must m) which
might result in memory loss that must be retrieved on waking up
assuming mass is related to memory capacity. Maybe so, but there are
other possibilities. Planck’s constant, h, can be regarded as a
measure of how unpredictable the particle is (if h equaled 0 the
uncertainty principle would vanish). An intelligent particle would
likely have a higher uncertainty (a higher h) but that would make the
equation, f=mc^2/h lower — the wrong direction — but still possible
if c and m compensate. The speed of light, c, is the speed the mass
particle can’t quite reach but c^2 can also be regarded as the speed
of thought when the particle is not close to the speed of light (I
outline this idea in my posts about the thinking speed of particles —
time slows down because thinking is sacrificed in order to move
extremely fast). Suppose for an educated proton that is the soul and
decision maker for a human body, the proton mass increases 1000 times
and also that c and h increase 1000 times. Such a particle would have
a million times more time perception and information (f=mc^2/h), think
a million times faster (c^2), have a 1000 times more information
storage (m), would have 1000 times more freedom for each decision it
makes (h), and of course have a maximum speed (c) 1000 times greater
than a normal proton. It might be that the standard m, c, and h for
electrons and protons are the minimum values not the only values.
Maybe the universe wants its seeds or children to grow if the right
conditions are available. There are more massive versions of
electrons (muons) and protons (various hadrons) maybe it is also
possible to have increased h and increased c electrons and protons.

If this were possible it might be possible to make a faster than light
communicator by educating electrons in some way till c increases for
those electrons. These smart electrons can then be sent on their way
in encoded streams.

I know free will exists and the only way I can imagine that is if one
particle, like a proton, can grow under the right circumstances to
control a human brain and body and be a human soul. Particles, like
souls, should not be underestimated in their growth potential and
abilities — the universe itself was probably once smaller than an

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