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Advanced Free Will Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

December 5, 2012

>It would mean that a human being has no important properties that
>are not shared by a sand grain.

An isolated proton, for instance, doesn’t have a powerful computer and
consciousness amplifier (brain) backing it up. I suspect that time
perception alone is sped up a least a billion times by the brain that
surrounds the commanding fundamental particle in a person.

>We can give up on explaining human consciousness, because
>everything else is conscious in the same way, so in effect, nothing
>is conscious.

I was postulating that only fundamental particles are conscious.
Collections of particles like rocks or computers wouldn’t be
conscious. Human brains, unlike computers, would be conscious because
presumably it is controlled by one particle, the person’s
consciousness, in the center of the brain allowing consciousness and
free will for the person.

>then why do we have our
>brains (or at least our neocortices; the cerebellum has an obvious
>function unrelated to consciousness)? What are they doing there?

The brain must amplify time perception of the commanding particle.
The brain must screen, process, and deliver sense information to the
central particle. The brain must act as a powerful computer to assist
in thinking and memory recall. The brain must supply extra emotions
to the consciousness to guide it toward ends useful in an evolutionary
sense. The brain must receive commands from the consciousness,
process them, and carry them out. There is plenty for the brain to

>If consciousness is a fundamental property like charge, then what
>does it mean for a person to be knocked unconscious? How is this

Time perception is greatly slowed down for a sleeping or “unconscious”
person. If you had a TV link with an astronaut in a space ship going
close to the speed of light, you would think the astronaut is
unconscious because he moves extremely slowly. The difference is time

>If everything is alive,
>then there is no property to distinguish plants and
>animals from rocks. If everything is conscious, then there is no

A rock or a plant is not conscious with free will because it is not
controlled by one particle inside of it. Machines are not conscious
because they are not affected by the wishes of any individual particle
inside of it besides the fact that sense information is not directed
to any particular particle inside it.

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