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Tactics of Platonists (satanists) #2

December 5, 2012

>How is any of this satanic? Wouldn’t your average satanist (Joe
>Satanist) want to say that satan existed?
>It’d be a pretty screwed up satanist who didn’t actually believe
>in satan, wouldn’t it?

Well actually satan usually gets more work out of people who don’t
believe in him. The hardcore satanists are usually seriously messed
up teenagers who try to fall in love with satan (impossible) and
usually end up killing themselves before satan can get any serious
work out of them. For people who don’t believe in satan, all satan
has to do is to convince that person that the meaning of good and evil
is in the eye of the beholder (like beauty) and that people are the
highest power in the universe. Such a philosophy is dangerously close
to the philosophy of satan and certainly does not glorify God.

>Science, as I understand it, doesn’t have anything to say about the
>existence or non-existence of gods, be they goodies or baddies, but
>it might place limits upon their interaction with the physical

If God created most of the laws of physics like I think She did, She
can change those laws and therefore “Science” does not place limits
upon Her interaction with the physical universe — She is the physical

>Also, it’s ironic you characterize science as Platonic and contrast
>it with (presumably christian) religion. The early christian
>church was based to a large extent on marrying the writings of
>Plato to the teachings of Christ. There has always been a very
>strong element of Platonism in christianity,

Not all scientists are members of the Platonic Religion (some have a
conscience). There are numerous types of Christians and yes some
types don’t believe in free will (I can’t really understand this) and
thus are very platonic. While I am definitely a Christian, I don’t
think I am mainstream because I am a pantheist (I believe our finite
universe is God and that there are other universes but like a child
has only one father, we have only one god, our universe – Uni). I do
believe that Jesus (Uni) is the most favored and first son (now a
daughter) of Jehovah (the oldest member of the Trinity) – father of
our universe (Uni also known as Jesus).

>and for you to imply that platonism is some evil curse
>that bedevils only science suggests that maybe you don’t know
>that much about the origins of the church.

I do agree that Platonism bedevils just about every area of study.

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