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December 5, 2012

Kevin Brent Pryor

Uni Part I

Everyone wants to know how this radical new millennium started. For
me, it started on New Years Eve, 1999. I suppose, technically, that
the millennium started on January 1st, 2001, but I, like most people,
consider it a new millennium when the first digit in the year changes.

I was spending the not so quiet night alone in my house with the
television on so I could feel at least somewhat part of the raucous
celebrations around the world. The sounds I heard from parties up and
down my block greatly exceeded my television’s. I was determined to
spend this night the way I spend most nights — with physics books and
notebooks splayed across the floor in my obsessive effort to
understand something that has never been understood before. I thought
that with all the excitement of the night, my insightful juices would

Just before midnight I paused in my efforts to take in the moment,
both in the neighborhood and on my television. When the countdown got
low, I finally let physics completely slip from my mind. I followed
along as the countdown went, “Three, two, one,” followed by incredible
noise including the normal firecrackers, noisemakers, and familiar
music. I thought I heard something else too at the stroke of
midnight; it sounded like my doorbell. I thought that all the noise
caused the doorbell to ring. When the doorbell rang again a few
seconds later, I went to see if anybody was at my door. I opened the
door to find a very beautiful woman wearing a very beautiful dress.

My first reaction was that she wandered away from her party and needed
directions. I asked her, “Are you lost?” “This is exactly where I
want to be,” came her reply. I was stunned, and thought she must have
had too much to drink. She then said, “May I come in?”

After I let her in, she sat down in my favorite chair. I nervously
gathered up my books and notebooks off the floor. I sat down and
really looked at her. I did not recognize this lady. I was thinking
that I never saw a lady more beautiful, that it was not possible for a
lady to be more beautiful. I said, “I don’t know you.”

I was looking at her perfect white teeth, flawless skin, amazing long
brown hair, and brown eyes that sparkled. While I studied her face,
she said in a low voice, “I know everything about you.” “Who are you,
how do you know me?” I asked in a curious way.

“My name is Uni, You study me, so I have studied you.” Since she
answered me with a riddle, I started to assume she didn’t know me
until she continued with “Your name is Michael Smith, physicist and
computer programmer.”

“Why did you come to my house this special night?” My need for
answers were growing steadily at this point.

“I need to stay the night, may I sleep on your couch?”

“Don’t you have a place to stay?”


“Why not?”

“I am new to this world,” she stated matter-of-factly. I thought, how
can you argue with that kind of statement. She probably had too much
to drink, found out from someone my name and that I could be trusted,
then decided she didn’t want to go home just yet. Maybe somebody
doesn’t treat her the way she should be treated.

“I’ll make up the couch,” I told her. As I got a blanket and pillow
for the couch, I looked at her, noting her beauty and poise, thinking
she’s neither drunk nor desperate. Maybe she did come specifically to
see me, but is reluctant to tell me exactly why. “When did you decide
to come visit me?” I queried.

“Several years ago,” was her reply.

“When did you first learn about me?”

“When you were born.”

“That’s impossible, I’m older than you.” I told her. At this point,
I had just about given up finding answers by asking questions. I
began to realize what I had been feeling since she walked in the door,
extreme contentment and lack of worry. I wondered whether the
feelings matched the situation, maybe I should worry, this lady is not
being honest with me. On the other hand, maybe I needed to go
upstairs and go to sleep, sort this thing out when I get up, and take
in on faith she wouldn’t rob me blind while I’m sleeping. Somehow I
knew she did not come to rob me. Mysteriously, I started to get very
sleepy. I said, “Is there anything else I can get you?”


“I am very tired, I have to go upstairs to bed,” I informed her. I
made it up the stairs and into my bed where I fell asleep almost
immediately. I started dreaming the most unusual, colorful, lifelike
dreams I have ever dreamt.

Uni Part II

My dream that night was strange. I dreamt Uni and I were flying in
deep space in between spectacular floating buildings. We would fly
into the buildings and see unusual complicated machines and toys.
There were flying marbles of all colors everywhere including the deep
space regions. Uni said to me in the dream, “I want this to be your
dream.” When I woke up on New Year’s Day, 2000, I was hoping for

I went downstairs to find Uni had fixed us breakfast. I thought maybe
now I can get some real answers from Uni. I asked Uni, “Is this my
reward for letting you stay the night?”

“First of many,” Uni said quickly.

“How long are you staying?” I asked.

“As long as you will let me.” Uni replied.

“I can only help you if you tell me what is going on with you.” I was
returning to my damsel in distress theory.

“Do you remember the article you wrote, `Is the Universe a brain?’ ?”
Uni asked.

The article in question appeared in “Omni” three years earlier in
which I discussed the similarity between atoms and neurons in terms of
input/output and universe evolution. I did not let it known to
anybody how seriously I took what I wrote. “What did you think of
it?” I loved to hear what people thought of that article.

“I thought the article was about me.” Uni answered.

I began to feel uneasy again as I started to eat. “In what way is it
like you?”

“I am the universe,” said Uni.

“Is that what the new in-group of new-ager’s say these days?”

“No, I’m the only face of the Universe.” Uni declared.

“Prove it,” I challenged her. I was beginning to think she was a mad
woman, but I liked her anyway, mad or not.

“You see, Michael, I came to you because I knew you could be made to
understand, eventually.” “I will give you a small demonstration after
we eat.”

“By universe, do you mean absolutely everything, or do you mean all
that we can theoretically see, the 15 billion light year time-space
sphere that we inhabit?” I asked while drinking my coffee.

“Just a 25 billion light year sphere,” Uni responded.

“That would make you a big lady, wouldn’t it?” I asked humorously
hoping it wouldn’t hurt her feelings.

“I constructed this body yesterday, I control it from the outside
whereas you control your body from the inside.”

I thought the poor girl was delusional. Delusions can be very
interesting idea structures, so I asked, “What are you doing on

“It is time for me to rule the world.” Uni stated.

I didn’t say anymore for the rest of the meal and neither did Uni. It
is hard to understand someone who is not sane. I tried to think what
to say or do but could not decide.

After the meal, Uni said, “Now I will do the dishes.” I watched with
my jaw dropped as the plates, glasses, and silverware floated in the
air by itself, traveled to the sink, was rinsed off, and put in the
dishwasher while Uni was seated the whole time smiling at me. In
fact, the entire kitchen was cleaned by — apparently — magic! All I
could think of was old Disney movies where silverware danced. This is
definitely the most fascinating day of my life so far, and it has just
barely started. The intellectual part of mind started revving up; all
I could think was that I must understand this lady.

Uni Part III

“How did you do that?”

“I can move anything that is inside me anywhere I want.” Uni stated.

“Galaxies are inside you, Miss Universe, can you move them?” I thought
I’d catch her this time.

“I can move galaxies,” Uni said looking me straight in the eye.

“What source of energy did you use to move the silverware and plates?”

“I only used my energy.”

I wasn’t certain what she meant so I decided to move on to something
else that would be a little clearer. “Why do you want to rule the
world?” I asked.

“It is common practice for a universe to rule the advanced life in its
domain. The other universes thought it would be an interesting
experiment to see what would happen if advanced life was allowed to
develop without the help or knowledge of its real master. It was
agreed that I could start helping humans starting today; the
experiment is over.” Uni revealed as if she was explaining something

“Do you claim to be the Messiah?” I was wondering if she was
entangled in some religion.

“I am the Messiah, but not the messiah anybody expects.” Uni then
took a deep breath and said “except you somewhat.”

I took a deep breath. I thought maybe she pulled some elaborate trick
with the dishes and is now trying to con me into something. My
feelings, though, were on an opposite track. I couldn’t help feeling
great when I was trying to be objective. “What do you want from me?”
I asked nonchalantly.

“I need you to help explain to the world what and who I am. I will
tell you when you may start telling other people.” Uni replied.

“What do I get in return?” I said like a child.

“I know the things you want. If you are good, you will get them,
eventually.” Uni said, reminding me of my mother when I was young.

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted so I boldly asked, “What do I want?”

“You want to be my very best friend.” Uni said as she took my hand
and pressed it reassuringly.

“When are you and/or I going to start telling the world who you really
are?” I wondered how soon she wanted me to make a fool of myself.

“It will take me a few months to prepare the people of this world
before they will accept who I am.” Uni answered.

“What kind of preparation?” I asked a little nervously.

“I will cure the sick and make the old young again.” Uni stated

“How will you do that?” I asked, no longer taken aback by fantastic

“I will do it independent of this body.” “This body you are talking to
will stay here so I can talk to you at length.” “I’ve studied people
for millions of years; I know how to create health. I created this
body you are looking at from scratch.” Uni told me.

I imagined that maybe this beautiful telekinetic young lady with very
dubious sanity came to me for protection and a hide out. I thought
about the book “Firestarter,” where a child was hunted because she had
special psychic talents. I felt as though my life was now completely
unpredictable, but somehow I wasn’t too worried. As the morning light
came in my kitchen window, I suddenly got a strong feeling that I love
Uni, Messiah or mad woman. Because of the upwelling emotion inside
me, it took a little while to ask my next question.

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